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Our clients will always be confident that we will deliver quality service because we conduct intensive Pre-Departure Orientations to our applicants. Also, we are adopting a policy of an open-line communication with our contract workers abroad. This linkage will provide us a wide range of and variety of international exposure and experience.

Multi Star provides and renders only the following:



1. Upon receipt of a confirmed job order either by telex, fax, e-mail or correspondence, corresponding advertisements shall be published in leading newspapers/publications and through radio broadcast stating the company’s manpower requirements. Likewise, we shall refer to our manpower pool listing if the categories are readily available.

2. The advertisements will state specifically the workers qualifications and standards as may be required by the employer.

3. Applicants falling below this qualification standard are automatically rejected.

4. Qualified applicants shall be pre-screened and interviewed by our professional consultants coming from different levels of specialization, both technical and non-technical. If trade testing shall be required, the services of a duly licensed trade testing company shall be arranged. It shall conduct a series of tests to determine the qualifications the candidates has applied for in his/her particular category. In cases of Performing Artists, we are also an accredited training center by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), and we conduct training of several categories such as dancers, singers, musicians and show bands both male and female performers and also prepares them for the trade testing to acquire the ARTIST RECORD BOOK (ARB) from the TESDA.

5. Applicants who pass the pre-screening and interviews will be short-listed and schedule shall be prepared for the final interview with the employer or their authorized representatives.

6. If hiring shall be under guarantee of the agency, then, we shall proceed with the documentation which will be handled fully by us.


1. The processing of the documents of all hired workers prior to their departure shall be handled by the agency in accordance with the existing rules and regulations of the Philippine government’s regulating body on overseas workers, the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE).

2. Upon receipt of the Job Order, the following shall be submitted to said regulating body requesting approval to process documents of hired workers:

a) Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC), Notice of Employment, Phil health Insurance Coverage, Medicare Certificate, Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar Certificate which are validated by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (P.O.E.A.).

b) Individual Passports are issued by the Passport Division of the Department of Foreign Affairs (D.F.A.).

c) Medical Certificates attesting to the fitness of the workers to work overseas as issued by a hospital/clinic accredited by the Department of Health (D.O.H.) and the Department of labor and employment to conduct such tests.

d) Visa stamping request on the valid passport of the worker to be filed at the respective embassies of the country where they are hired to work which usually takes three (3) to five (5) days to release.

Our Liaison personnel shall directly coordinate with each and every government entity concerned in the processing of documents to ensure that no delay shall occur.


1. The travel/air passage of the workers shall be shouldered by the principal from the point of hire and return ticket after the expiration of the contract.

2. The total processing time for all the above shall be for a minimum of thirty (30) working days upon completion of the documents at the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (P.O.E.A.)


1. The following documents shall be required form the employer for their accreditation with the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (P.O.E.A.):

a.) Special Power of Attorney granted by the employer to the agency specifying among others:

1. The authority to recruit and hire workers.
2. The suability clause.
3. The local agent’s joint and solidarity responsibility over the workers.

b.) Official English translation of the principal’s Commercial Registration papers.

c.) Manpower Request form the principal stating categories needed, number of workers required and salaries to be offered.

d.) Copy of the Employment Contract to be used by the workers.

e.) Recruitment Agreement.

f.) For Saudi projects, the authority to pickup visas.

Special Power of Attorneys, Manpower Request, Commercial Registration of Company and Recruitment Agreement should be authenticated by the Philippine Embassy or Consulate nearest the place of operation.


Subject to negotiations by and between the Principal/Employer and the agency, based on industry standards and services.

With expertise and experience, Multi Star International Inc. bridges the gap between principals and contract workers. Only at Multi Star International Inc. will you find this method ensuring quality and satisfaction for your personal needs. We are indeed your partner in shaping the structure of the future.

Below is a list of documents which we would be helpful to our clients and customers. Feel free to download these for future accreditations with us:

Special Power Of Attorney
Manpower Request (Job Order)
Recruitment Service Agreement
Master Employment Contract



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